General Info:

Office hours by appointment only: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

I work with adults who have or had a cancer diagnosis or an autoimmune disease.

Complete the health history, office policies, and informed consent at least 2 business days before your consult. This gives me enough time to review your information so that, during your first visit, we can focus on helping you feel better. You will need email/computer/internet access for intake paperwork.

Insurance and Medicare/Medicaid will not cover a naturopathic consult, fees are due at time of visit.

If you have a cancer diagnosis, your oncology records will need to be faxed to me before your consult.

Complementary care comes AFTER primary care. If you are having symptoms and have not been seen by your primary care doctor, please understand that I cannot diagnose disease or order diagnostic labs / imaging or write medication prescriptions. If medical care or a diagnosis is necessary, you will need to visit your medical doctor (MD or DO) before I can provide you with complementary care.

* I recommend scheduling a free 15 minute phone consult to ask questions and find out if I am a good fit for your needs, as I am not in my office daily and returning phone calls happens as my schedule allows. Click the Book Appointment button below.


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Getting Started


1. Book appointment through SmartND  

You will need an email address and internet access.
You will receive your intake forms after you set up your account in the patient portal.


2. Get ready for your appointment

Before your appointment:

1.  Fax oncology records to: (574) 535-0882
2. Complete the health history, office policies, and informed consent forms at least 2 business days before your consult.

Bring to appointment:

1.  All current medications and supplements you are taking so we can review them together
2. Any recent labs or imaging relating to your symptoms
3. Notebook for taking notes

*Please avoid wearing strong smelling fragrances or personal care products for the comfort of other clients and myself.*