General Info:

Office hours by appointment only on Tuesday and Thursday, 10 am to 5 pm.

Please note, I am NOT taking new clients at this time.                                          >>>>>

  • I work with adults who are seeking complementary support to improve their health and wellness.
  • Insurance and Medicare/Medicaid will not cover a naturopathic consult, fees are due at time of visit.
  • If you have a cancer diagnosis, your oncology records will need to be sent to me before your consult. 
  • I cannot work with women who are currently pregnant.

Complementary care comes AFTER primary care. If you are having symptoms and have not been seen by your primary care doctor, please understand that I cannot diagnose disease or order diagnostic labs / imaging or write medication prescriptions. If medical care or a diagnosis is necessary, you will need to visit your medical doctor (MD or DO) before I can provide you with complementary care.

More questions? Check the FAQ button as well as scrolling through the rest of this page.


Contact the Retreat at 364-4600 to schedule with the naturopathic doctor on staff, or visit Dr. Bryson in Fort Wayne,

What services are right for you? 


Want to work with me?


1. Book a free 10 minute appointment for a phone call to make sure I am a good fit for your needs.  

While naturopathic medicine can benefit anyone, I am not necessarily the best fit or may not have the appropriate experience for every situation. 

It is often challenging for me to return phone calls because I do not have office staff. For a quicker response, please schedule a time to chat.


2. Get ready for your consult

Before your consult:

1.  Paperwork You will need an email and internet access to fill out paperwork.
2. If required, send your medical records Those seeking cancer support must send records before I can schedule your consult.
3. If your paperwork is not received at least 2 business days before your appointment, we will focus on necessary medical information and may not be able to discuss recommendations until your follow up consult.


Bring to appointment:

1.  All current medications and supplements you are taking so we can review them together
2. Any recent labs or imaging relating to your symptoms
3. Notebook for taking notes

*Please avoid wearing strong smelling fragrances or personal care products for the comfort of other clients and myself.*