Honey and coffee for your cough? Sweet medicine!

A natural cough remedy you can make at home

 Coffee with raw honey

Coffee with raw honey

We are quickly descending into the season of runny noses and coughs that can drag on and on. Last night, I started to feel the dreaded tickle in my throat and had been sneezing throughout the day. At first I thought it was allergies (my office needs a good dusting), but the tickle told me otherwise. I started taking a mushroom extract and had a big bowl of miso with purple cabbage and shiitakes for dinner. I also went to bed with my warming socks, my favorite nature cures remedy for colds and headaches. When I have a mild cold, the above usually takes care of my symptoms, typically in a day or two I’m fine.

What can you do to soothe a cough that won’t go away? If you don’t want to take an over the counter syrup and cough drops just aren’t cutting it, honey and coffee can provide relief. Not too long ago, a study compared an oral steroid to honey and coffee and a control group (they didn’t get either treatment) for people who had a cough that lasted at least 3 weeks after their cold. Those who received the coffee and honey combo did just as well as those who received the steroid. If you’d like to read the study, here is the link.

Want to make the natural elixir for yourself?
Here’s the recipe from a review of the article in the Natural Medicine Journal:

  • 500 g honey (about 1 lb)
  • 70 g of instant coffee (about 2.5 oz dry weight or 13 T or 6.5 oz liquid measure)
  • Mix the honey and coffee and add 1 T of it to 1 cup of warm water and drink it 3 times a day, about every 8 hours.

Want more natural remedies for cold season? Let me know what your favorite home remedies are for feeling better.

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