Healthy Habits Do Pay Off!

We all know we should eat more vegetables and fruits and exercise regularly to be healthy. However, does that really mean we will live longer? For those who have colon cancer, the answer appears to be "yes". While this study looked at 992 stage 3 colon cancer survivors, I think it's highly likely that the rest of us would benefit from more vegetables and less time spent sitting. Of the 992 people followed for 7 years, 335 people had a recurrence of their cancer and 256 people died.

What were the healthy behaviors?

  • Eating at least 2 1/2 cups of fruits and vegetables every day
  • Choosing whole grains instead of refined white flour and rice
  • Maintaining a healthy body weight
  • Exercising at least a half hour a day, one hour preferably
  • Drinking alcohol moderately 

Does that sound hard to do? Start slowly. Work on getting more vegetables daily. In the summer, fresh greens are readily available and taste great. Get at least 1 cup every day with a healthy fat such as a high quality olive oil. 

Cancer treatment is most likely a lot more painful and time-consuming than working on improving healthy habits. If you want help improving your health and preventing disease, find an appropriately trained practitioner in your area. This is what I do with people - help them figure out how to improve their health. It's a life-long practice.

Read more info about this study at Colon Cancer Survivors Live Longer With Healthy Habits