My Brand of Woo Woo: How I Can Help You

Naturopathic medicine is a diverse field of providing care. Naturopathic doctors (NDs) are trained as primary care providers but in states that do not regulate the practice of naturopathic medicine, NDs adapt what they do to balance helping people with the limitations of not diagnosing or treating diseases. In some cases this discourages NDs from working in unlicensed states, but I see it as a creative challenge to use the aspects of naturopathic medicine that I value most. I address clients as whole people who have health concerns, not a symptom or a particular organ disease that needs to be fixed. I do not work with cancer or chronic disease patients; I work with adults who happen to have cancer or chronic constipation or arthritis. I believe that is a very important distinction and helps me focus on educating people on how to create the terrain in which their body can heal and thrive.

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Regardless of your health concerns, we all need the four foundations of wellness to heal and thrive: healthy food, quality sleep, regular movement, and stress management. My goal is to find the specific combination of the four foundations to help you create the environment in which your body functions the best. During our first consult, I encourage you to tell me your story. When I let people talk uninterrupted, they usually tell me what they need to heal. So often we are not given an opportunity to feel truly heard. To me, this is a crucial aspect of healing. With this information, we create a plan specific for your needs.

Not sleeping well? Regardless of your symptoms or diagnoses, we figure out why and then strategize how to fix it. If your digestion is terrible and you only have bowel movements every 3 days, we will focus on food and daily habits to get you going regularly. Taking a handful of medications every day and want to get off as many as possible? I'll provide the guidance and resources to improve your health so hopefully you can quit some/all of those medications. It can be a huge investment of time and money to get your health back, but the rewards are priceless. 

The work I do does not replace conventional medical care; we still need a correct diagnosis, medications, lab work, and other interventions as appropriate. I provide the complement to what your other medical providers offer: the time and space to explore healing beyond the limitations of conventional medicine.  

Interested in working with me? Let's schedule a 10 minute phone call to see if I am a good fit for your needs.

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