Cancer / Oncology

Breast Cancer Action
Straightforward, realistic, relevant information to support women and men with a breast cancer diagnosis. BCA is dedicated to finding causes and better treatments for breast cancer. If you would like to make a donation to an organization that truly makes a positive impact on breast cancer and people’s lives, I strongly urge you to consider BCA.

American Institute for Cancer Research
AICR provides a wealth of information about how you can reduce your cancer risks. They do a great job of explaining research information for the general public. The AICR is also a strong advocate for promoting a healthy environment for all people. To find out more about how food can fight cancer, check out this page.

National Comprehensive Cancer Network
The guidelines set forth by this institution help oncologists determine appropriate treatment for patients. This link goes to the patient version of the website. If you’re looking for an NCCN treatment institution, more information about a specific type of cancer, or advocacy / support groups, this is a reputable site.

Complementary and Alternative Medicine for Cancer                                                                                                                           
This site provides detailed, evidence-based summaries about the safety and efficacy of complementary and alternative cancer treatments. If you have read something on the internet, please check here for unbiased information. 

Ottawa Integrative Cancer Center                         
Provides evidence-based monographs on several complementary cancer treatments, for patients and practitioners.